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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my desktop runneth over....

ever since i learned how to take pictures of any image on my computer screen, it's been nonstop clicking.

my desktop is festooned with flocks of birds of all shapes and sizes.  made of wood, ceramic, felt....you name it.

i'd really love to open an online shop featuring only birds and flowers.  of all stripes, plummage & petal.

i can't get enough of them.   i know some people are tired of seeing them on every kind of product.  but not me.  i say let, the birds and petals fly.  here are a couple pics that have been perched on my desktop for a while.  (okay...i'm sorry...enough with the puns.) 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

hoot. hoot.

 things are getting kinda spooky around here.  

we've got cavemen planning their hunter-gathering on halloween night.  (cavemen ferried about in a golf-cart due to dad's bum knee...so make that progressive cavemen.)

we've got teenagers who are probably going to go out into the night sans costumes.

we've got candy squirreled away.  enough candy to feed an air force base worth of kids.  can't help it...that's how i grew up.

and we have 20 years worth of halloween decorations peering out from every corner of the house.

i love halloween.  

Monday, October 06, 2008

cowboy name stampede....

whoa, nelly. y'all sent in some good names. here's the list of the best and brightest.

Slow Draw Paw

Cowboy Murray Rose

Slow Draw McGraw

The Sundance Kid



Stephen F. Makerpeace

Long Tall Texan

Loyd Lamar

Leif Rockman

Forest Twigsaddle

Russell Evergreen

Southpaw Cedar Slim


And the winner is...........

Billy Bo Tanical

sent in by the funny and talented, Debra Temple! Congrats, Debra! You are the winner of 4 maker faire tix. you can pick them up at after today at:

garden, gift & home
on south 1st. see address in post below!


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