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Monday, September 27, 2004

the darling young man on the flying trapeze....

last summer we flew the pippingtooth coop and while on vacation my sweet hubby, luke, took to the skies over minnesota.

he's playing "a mid-air ode to joy" on the trampoline.

luke was a gymnast growing up and i love this picture of him because i know he's deliriously happy up there reliving one of the best parts of his childhood.

i look at this image and here's what i see:

a gentle man who has slipped the pull of gravity for a moment

a loving husband who leaped into sobriety 14 years ago and feels blessed to stay there day after day

a father who's soared beyond all my expectations

a boyfriend who's going to get a great big smooch the minute he floats down from cloud nine

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