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Thursday, August 19, 2004

oh garden...my garden

whelp, it's official...my new journal page is up. i'm hoping to share snapshots of life in my pippingtooth garden with you. I'll also post new flowergals here and i'm hoping you'll post your thoughts here, too.

a few brave flowers in my garden are successfully ignoring the texas heat. the black-eyed susans are blazingly defiant. they remind me of my grandmother, hazel. (my print "hazel's visit" is named for her) she carried only black-eyed susan's in her wedding bouquet. they were her flower.

i love how the bopping yellow cosmos and purple verbena mock the 98 degree temp and i'm crazy for the crazy succulent from big bend state park that and looks like a sea creature has washed up on my back porch.

the plants that have thrived this year have done so thanks to my dear friend, elena. she has magic in her hands. i've seen it work as our friendship blossomed along side the dahlias. in the past months, elena taught me that plants actually like water...on a regular basis. as do toiling friends. i've learned my small corner of the world and the leetle creatures living in it prefer organic gardening. a cajillion herbs growing right outside your kitchen door makes you feel like a gourmet cook even if you're far from it. most roses in my beds are dreary concession stands for hoodlum bugs. passion flower makes me swoon. and a swirl of ranunculus is the perfect easter parade for me.

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